j-1000 ALPHA



The new IST flagship buoyancy compensator device- Alpha – is a do-it-all, top of the line BCD like no other. It was designed to provide the best in buoyancy control, comfort, stability and style. IST has achieved these fundamental objectives by introducing the Personal Harness System (PHS). Unlike a traditional jacket style BCD, PHS functions independently from the air-cell and it can be adjusted to bring a personal fitting that only custom-made gear can compare. Stability on or below the surface is further enhanced by the tank stabilizing plate and cam strap, which prevent unwanted tank roll. This has to be a part of the essential equipment any serious diver should have.Advanced features include:• Superior 840D nylon shell• Advanced Ballast Removal System II (ABRS II) takes up to 4kg (8.8lb) of weight on each side• Cold water capable power inflator with pull dump• 2 additional rear quick air dump valves• Adjustable sternum strap• Stainless steel D-rings• 2 conveniently placed snaps with quick release buckles for easy equipment attachment• 2 strategically placed rear trim pockets take up to 1kg (2.2lb) of weight each• 2 well proportioned side pockets• Additional cummerbund mesh pocket• Padded backpack


Cost - US$385.00
First Name - mariela
Last Name - vazquez
Email - equipodbuceo@gmail.com
Phone - 9847454195
Website - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009312045630&fref=ts
Address - WATS APP CEL,playa del carmen,quinatana roo,mexico,77710