Saturday 19th of March at the shop we´ll have the CEO of #ISTand #DolphinTech talking and showing the #2016 new equipment for recreational and #technical #diving.



Palm size portable nitrox analyzer measures O2 concentrations from 0.05% to 100%. Features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor, a 32 month operating life with no maintenance required, 13,000 hours of battery use, and a wide variety of optional accessories that make it an ideal cost effective choice for checking O2 levels of compressed air scuba tanks and Nitrox mixes.


Bellows Horizontal Zip Pocket w/Daisy Chain

With two compartments and a lanyard for securing your valuable accessory items, the Horizontal Zip Pocket carries everything you need on a dive.


IST Regulator Repair and Maintenance Course

A 1-day course covering all aspects of maintenance, repair and workshop operation. The course is very comprehensive, including both theory and practice.


Dolphin Tech´s 21lb Sidemount System

For low-profile side mount dives in the tightest spots such as wreck or cave exploration, IST’s SMB-21 with 21 lbs of lift fit the profile perfectly. It is a complete integrated system that can be used for warm water diving with wetsuits and aluminum tanks, or cold water diving with drysuits and steel tanks.


Poseidon Evolution Dry Suit

This robust suit provides a more fitted feel then dry suits made out of cordura or stiffer materials. Divers enjoy a better, more streamlined experience with minimized water drag and improved buoyancy. With lessened squeeze and diminished air flow, this innovative fitted design makes diving the suit feel remarkably close to diving a wetsuit.


Dive Rite Rec Series Wing

A hybrid wing, the Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popular wings. When diving single tanks, our Gusset Control System streamlines the wing, keeping it close to the body. This avoids the “taco” effect of the wing wrapping around the tank, away from the diver, which diminishes buoyancy control.


OCEAN REEF Neptune Space

The OCEAN REEF Neptune Series provides a revolutionary take on the full face mask. They offer great visual fields, superior comfort, reliability, exceptional safety, durability, AND they are easy to use! Whether you are a professional or commercial diver, or just a person who feels like picking up the sport of scuba diving; the OCEAN REEF Neptune Series has a mask tailored just for you!


Thigh storage pouch of Dolphin Tech

Provides roomy and streamlined storage for spare / back-up equipment and an internal D-ring serving as attachment point for dive reel etc.


Light Monkey Primary Reels

Reels and spools are part of your life support tools in tech diving. Why skimp on quality? All of our reels and spools are machined from Delrin® for strength, and lined in-house to ensure integrity of the line.