Dive Rite´s XT Advanced Open Water Regulator

Diving pleasure as well as to protect the environment

The XT AOW Regulator is perfect for the diver who values streamlining for their own diving pleasure as well as to protect the environment. Worn a bit differently than standard recreational regulators, the XT AOW Regulator places the primary regulator on a longer hose that is stowed neatly under the divers arm. The primary regulator is typically the regulator an out of air diver will reach for in an emergency and the longer hose allows both divers comfort during descent. The secondary second stage is stowed on a necklace where it can be easily reached by the donating diver.

A right angle adapter on the primary regulator provides comfort and proper hose routing. Gauges can be clipped to a belt, BCD or worn through the epaulet for easier viewing.

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  • XT1 First Stage
  • XT2 Second Stage, Black cover
  • XT2 Second Stage, Yellow cover
  • 40-inch LP hose
  • 22-inch LP hose
  • Right angle regulator adapter
  • Regulator necklace
  • 2-inch SPG with 32-inch hose
  • Small swivel bolt snap
  • Hose clip retainer



INFO-> http://www.diverite.com/products/catalog/regulators/pk5300-ow