Poseidon Evolution Dry Suit

Robust neoprene suit with integrated leg pockets and socks



The Evolution is a robust neoprene suit with integrated leg pockets and socks.

This robust suit provides a more fitted feel then dry suits made out of cordura or stiffer materials.  Divers enjoy a better, more streamlined experience with minimized water drag and improved buoyancy.  With lessened squeeze and diminished air flow, this innovative fitted design makes diving the suit feel remarkably close to diving a wetsuit.


Gear can easily and safely be placed in the two leg pockets and reached whenever the diver needs them. The neck and cuff seals are made out of latex and protect you from the cold water.

With its notable contemporary design, the Evolution offers extraordinary sustainability against wear and tear. It’s flexible, convenient and practical.

·         Drysuit made out of compressed 3mm neoprene
·         Separate hood (not included)
·         Soft boots
·         Adjustable OPV
·         Swiveling Inlet valve
·         Black/Grey
·         Size S-XXXL
·         Latex neck and arm seals
·         Dry zipper across the back
·         Zippergrease  and inflator hose included
·         2 leg pockets
·         Kevlar reinforced knees and back.


Evolution accessories:
New FlexiGlove
One Shoe
Clog-Free Paraffin Wax
Air Supply Hose


MORE INFO -> http://www.poseidon.com/products/dry-suits/evolution-0