Cenote Snorkel


Snorkel the crystal clear waters of cenotes in the Riviera Maya. Me Dive center is conveniently near many of the most renowned cenotes for exploring and snorkeling. These underwater caverns are located in the middle of the jungle, with beautiful scenery above and under the water surface.

The underground tunnels and caves were formed during the times the ocean level was low. Rain water mixing with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere made carbonic acid. Since the Yucatan peninsula is made up of porous limestone, when it rained the water percolated into the ground, carving out the cave systems. Structures such as stalacites, stalagmites, and columns decorate the caverns and caves formed by dissolved limestone dripping over millions of years. When you see these beautiful formations you are looking at geological structures that are millions of years old! After the last ice age over 8000 years ago, the water level rose again, resulting in the underground river. Ancient coral skeleton and marine fossils also decorate the walls of cenotes, leftover from when the stone was once a live coral reef over 40 million years ago.

The Mayan civilization believed that the rain god Chaak dwelled in cenotes. They made offerings to these sacred wells, perhaps in thanks for a good harvest, which can be found in cenotes today. When you snorkel with us in the cenotes, you will understand why the Mayans thought they were sacred; they are magical natural wonders! Your guide will be avaiable for providingfun facts, taking you through a cavern, and answering any questions you might have!

With this tour you can decide the time of departure so that you can relax and enjoy your time in Playa Del Carmen. The price includes transportation, snacks, entrance fees to the cenote, and a guide!

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